Is Hemp Bedding Dangerous for My Horse?

If your lifestyle involves caring for horses, then you understand you have many choices for their bedding. Naturally, you want to make the best decision for your horse’s safety and comfort.

Many horse lovers have tried hemp for their stalls and believe that it is the bedding of the future for their four-legged friends. If you don’t know much about hemp yet, you’ll be excited to know there are extraordinary benefits to using it in your stables.

Hemp Bedding 101

First, let’s start with the basics. Hemp bedding is a revolutionary new horse bedding that is dust-free and can absorb up to four times its weight in liquid.

The result is less cost and maintenance to you with a bed that lasts longer. And it will keep your horses dry longer than other traditional types of horse bedding, like straw.

But you may wonder if hemp in your stalls can be dangerous for your equine buddies. The answer is a resounding “no,” and here’s why.

Is Hemp Bedding Safe?

Hemp horse bedding is not the hemp that is in marijuana. The type used for bedding is called industrial hemp and differs from the marijuana plant. Animal hemp bedding does not contain THC content, which produces the high from the plant.

This bedding is made from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and comes from mechanically chopped hemp stalks, grown specifically for fiber and bedding. When purchased from a quality supplier, the process creates a product that provides a gentle cushioned surface that is ideal for your horses.

Hemp produced in this manner is completely safe for your horses.

Safe from Respiratory Issues

Since this hemp is chemical-free and extremely low in dust, it offers the perfect option for horse bedding. Dust is harmful to both horses and humans, irritating the eyes and nose, and respiratory problems.

Hemp bedding companies remove harmful particulates from their products that cause these issues, which is extremely useful in limiting health risks. Other dusty beddings, such as straw, do not consider your horse’s lifelong comfort.

Hemp Reduces Ammonia Odor

Urine goes straight to the bottom since hemp is super absorbant, keeping the surface clean and dry. The surface traps odors underneath, reducing ammonia that can lead to that nasty aroma.

This process creates a more pleasant environment for you and your horses without any health dangers.

Eco-Friendly Horse Bedding

If you are searching for environmentally sustainable bedding safe for your horse, then hemp is for you.

There are zero trees harmed in the making of your bedding with hemp. Many varieties of hemp grow and decompose faster than other beddings. And researchers have found that hemp produces more pulp per acre than trees.

Quite simply, hemp horse bedding will help the planet and you and your horse without concern for your animal’s well-being.

Even More Benefits of Hemp Bedding

Unlike straw or other bedding, hemp bedding is not palatable to horses, further increasing its attractiveness for use in your stables. Having a surface that your horses will not eat, chew, or digest is a big advantage and reduces health concerns.

Not only is hemp not dangerous to your horse, it actually has health benefits. Research has confirmed that hemp has great antibacterial activity, especially to inhibit the growth of E. coli.

Quality Hemp Bedding for Horses

When it comes to hemp bedding, the data shows that it is not dangerous to most horses. But not all hemp is created equal.

At Canaporo, we use the highest quality Italian Hemp bedding. We are committed to providing solutions that allow you and your horses to have the most comfortable space to live.

Our equestrian staff would love to tell you more about different hemp bedding options for your horse stalls and make the space safe and comfortable for you and your horses. As horse owners ourselves, we know you have many choices for the bedding in your stable, and we want to help you make the best choice.

If you are a horse owner with a small barn or have as high as 12 stalls, we’ve got you covered at Canaporo. Give us a call at (866) 322-5989, or send us an online note. We are available to answer any questions you may have and serve your needs.