Ammonia Control in Horse Stalls

You don’t like the smell of ammonia in your own home, and your horses don’t enjoy the stench in their stables either. Worse yet, the presence of high ammonia levels can harm your horse’s long-term health. Studies have shown that ammonia sets up inflammatory conditions like coughing and even asthma. And nobody wants that.

The good news is ammonia control in horse stalls is possible. With a little bit of effort and using the right products, ammonia buildup in a barn is preventable. Your horse’s competition performance and quality of life are at stake, so it is critical to consider these solutions.

Keep the Smell Out of Your Barn

There are a lot of ways equestrians and horse owners have tried to control ammonia in their barns. For example, many will use Sweet PDZ and similar deodorizing products to minimize the stench. Others will do everything possible to increase ventilation or rely on extra cleaning of their horse stalls.

You may have tried one or all of these strategies to get rid of dangerous ammonia fumes. But what you might not realize is that bedding is one of the best ways to control ammonia in your horse stalls.

Bedding Choices Can Provide Ammonia Control in Horse Stalls

You may be using traditional bedding in your stall barn right now, such as straw, pellets, sawdust, and even peat moss. But they may actually be contributing to the ammonia smells. For example:

  • Straw bedding is super popular, but it is not very absorbent.
  • Wood bedding is widely available but can be dusty and cause allergies.
  • Peat Moss is absorbent but often difficult to find.

These materials on your stall floors do not rid your stables of that nasty ammonia odor. Certain bedding can make the situation worse since many retain the odors and fumes. But the latest innovation in horse bedding is here to help solve this everyday problem. Say hello to hemp bedding!

Benefits of Hemp for Horse Stalls

Hemp is a super-absorbent material. It works to trap unwanted odors such as ammonia, helping to control the odors in your barn. Studies show it absorbs four times its weight for maximum benefit with ammonia and odor control.

When your horses lay in our hemp bedding, the urine goes straight to the bottom, keeping the surface clean and dry. That means the smells become trapped under the surface, reducing ammonia much better than most other bedding.

Choose the Highest Quality Hemp Bedding

When it comes to hemp bedding, not all hemp is created equal, especially since we use the highest quality Italian Hemp bedding. We are committed to providing solutions that allow you and your horses to have the comfortable space to breathe in that you deserve.

Our equestrian staff would love to tell you more about different odor-control options for your horse stalls and make a more pleasing environment for you and your horses. As horse owners ourselves, we know you have many choices for the bedding in your stable, and we want to help you make the best choice.

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