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Quality Italian Hemp Bedding. Better for you, your
animals and the future of our environment.


Stop Struggling with Bad Bedding

Pine bedding, straw, pellets.. It’s all you knew. Until now.

The benefits of hemp are found across many industries and have now made their way to your animal's bed. Made from stalks of the Italian varietal hemp plant, hemp bedding makes your pet's lives healthier and more comfortable.


With CanapaOro you have:

Less Upkeep - Image

Less Upkeep

(Two times more absorbent than pine or straw shavings)

Less Allergies and Dust - Image

Less Allergies and Dust

(Minimal dust helps animals and owners breathe easier)

Renewable & Sustainable - Image

Renewable & Sustainable

(decomposes twice as fast as other types of bedding)

Reduced Odors - Image

Reduced Odors

(Traps ammonia and unwanted odors while reducing flies)

More Comfortable - Image

More Comfortable

(softer and a better insulator with its high thermal rating)

Find out more about how Italian Hemp stacks up against traditional bedding options.

The Origins of CanapaOro

CanapaOro was established by horse owners and riders just like you. Looking for a solution for their horse's allergies, they decided to try Italian hemp bedding in their stalls. The material proved to be hypo-allergenic, solving their problem and providing further benefits.

Hemp Bedding

Hemp fibers can be grown in as little as a few months, compared to pine trees which are grown in 12-15 years. They realized they were able to help save the planet by applying the Italian hemp bedding in their barn.


Perfect for our horse who had hives from pine shaving bedding. It was softer and more comfortable than wood shavings, as identified by longer sleep cycles and lack of ammonia smells. Hemp proves to be absorbent animal bedding, as the horse urine was quickly absorbed much faster (hemp absorbs 4x its weight) so we reduced mucking and cleaning of the stalls, saving your back and saving you time. Winner for all!

OH bedding for horses

The Best Quality Animal Bedding on the Market

Our hemp bedding is used for horse bedding, chicken bedding, bedding for snakes, and other small animals throughout the world. Made from industrial hemp, the stalks are processed into a unified mulch and packaged in convenient compressed bags. You can order it conveniently online today and have it shipped in bags, containers or truckloads direct to your door.

Animal Bedding Options

With it's dust free and highly absorbent properties, CanapaOro bedding is great for stables, backyard chicken coops, and small pets including:

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    Guinea Pigs

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